Making SharePoint accessible...

    We deliver a range of training programmes from end-user to Administrator levels on all versions of SharePoint. Our courses make SharePoint accessible to users and encourage its adoption organisation-wide, not just in the IT department.

    Why Attend?

    Why attend one of our SharePoint courses?

      A good understanding of SharePoint is essential for user adoption so that new users can understand the many features it offers.

      Microsoft and the Community are making a lot of enhancements for SharePoint to make things easier and more intuitive for users. But we’ve seen so many times that training is very valuable for any type of product. Even a ‘simple’ product can be challenging for users if they’ve never seen it!

      Having someone explain ‘how’ to do things in SharePoint will only put users at ease, carry on with their daily tasks, and subsequently make the price of the Microsoft 365 subscription worth it.


      Course participant

      Course participant

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